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The Musketeers

Mr. Chips



The Original Taco!

Celebrating The Time Seekers!   
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The birds who live with the author...



is the author of The Time Seekers. The Fantastic Tails of Sammy and Mr. Chips is her second novel for readers of all ages.

She was inspired to write this story by the four-legged loves of her life. Their personalities, relationships, idiosyncrasies, and shenanigans were, quite simply, irresistible material. And they seemed to know it was all about them. Mr. Chips, Sammy, and Bud kept Mrs. S. company (perhaps held hostage would be more accurate) until the very last word was written. Sheriff Ziggy joined the posse whenever he rode into town (the shiny gold star attached to his collar was hard to miss), his clipboard full of “story ideas.” Mrs. S. was actually besieged with unsolicited advice regarding plot and dialogue from all the stars. Sometimes she took their suggestions. But not always. 

Writing the fantastic tales was the joyride of her life.

A graduate of the University of Connecticut with a Bachelor of Arts in English, magna cum laude, and elected to Phi Beta Kappa, Mrs. S. lives in Florida with Mr. S. (having previously lived in western Connecticut for many years), along with a steamer trunk of tennis balls and toys, cartons of cat treats, the one and only “Monkey Business,” and of course . . . the musketeers.

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