Two unlikely companions embark on an incredible journey- a test of faith, character and friendship. Humor, warmth and suspense assist them in attaining their goal. However; a difficult decision is Sammy's, adulation as he knew it at the library or a permanent home with loving nurturing parents and lifelong friendships. Excellent illustrations reveal the distinct personalities of the characters and further enhance the delightful imagery.

This is such an endearing story that will capture the hearts of animal lovers of all ages. It will warm every corner of your heart as you journey along through the New England countryside with these inseparable buddies. Having lived in that part of the world myself, I found the story took me back to many familiar places and the author transported me again to that beautiful part of the country. The story is truly an adventure with many twists and turns and the humor found me laughing out loud. All ages will enjoy and treasure this story.

I purchased this book for my sister, who is a real cat lover, Read the first few pages and just could not put it down...a wonderful story for humans of all ages!

I enjoyed reading this book. I thought it would be a children's book or a young person's book. It was both and more. You could read it aloud to a child by chapter and it would be entertaining. Or a young person could read it and get into it as the plot develops. But as an adult I enjoyed it too. The animal characters are unforgettable and the story moves along as the animal friends travel from adventure to adventure. It has a satisfying ending as the characters learn and grow from their travel adventures.

 Another wonderful story from author D.A. Squires! Her descriptive writing brings this adventurous tale to life, as she brings the reader along the journey as Mr. Chips and Sammy travel through one of the most beautiful parts of the US and encounter some amazing characters. Young and old will LOVE this book! A great tale to read aloud in a classroom setting or snuggled at home with your favorite child. Enjoy!

Wow, what a fabulous book!!! This is an incredible tale of adventure of two friends Mr. Chips (the daschund doggie) and Samuel Adams (the cat). Their amazing journey takes the reader along with them and we meet so many wonderful characters along the way! I could not put this book down just as I could not put down D.A. Squires other book, The Time Seekers. I would recommend this book not only for adults, but for children of all ages. Just sit in a comfy place, grab your favorite pillow, put your feet up, and enjoy the ride of this beautiful story :)

What a delightful TALE of two furry creatures on an exciting ADVENTURE back EAST!I It is an uplifting...feel good READ that leaves you smiling as you close the book each night. I enjoyed it immensely and will order a few as gifts for some special young boys in my LIFE.

What a wonderful read! Fun for yourself but even better to read with your grandchildren this summer!! It's a journey that took me back to New England and all the sights and sounds. So well written and depicted in the drawings. A quick read and escape.

Fall 2017

I felt it was creative and imaginative. I felt that it was an all ages read. If someone with animals will especially enjoy it. I was telling my friend about it, and he was so interested that I got him one. I have also gotten one for my grand-niece. I found it up-lifting and fun.
Obviously, I would recommend this book.

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This book will take you on a incredible journey of family and friends!! How refreshing to read such a uplifting book, thank you, thank you, I just loved it!, DA Squires you are the Best!!

​​​​With Gratitude...

I am delighted to share some of the Amazon reviews of The Fantastic Tails of Sammy and Mr. Chips… all are five star and, as with The Time Seekers, the story is appealing to readers of all ages. One young reader recently sent me a personal note about both stories that I would like to share (she is in third grade!)

I didn't expect to fall in love this Summer, but it happened. The objects of my affection are Sammy and Mr. Chips, the endearing characters in The Fantastic Tails of Sammy and Mr. Chips. The darling pooch and kitty and the New England countryside are the purrrfect combination for a sweet read. My heart was warmed by the darling duo's antics which entertained me throughout the book. If you are an animal lover treat yourself to this darling book. I am in awe of D.A. Squires' clever writing and ability to touch the reader's heart.

D.A. Squires never ceases to amaze. This story was incredibly funny, inventive, and moving. A wonderful read for those of all ages!  Absolutely in love!

Dear Ms. Squires,

     I read The Time Seekers and The Fantastic Tails of Sammy and Mr. Chips! I have read a lot of books and my favorite one out of all of them is The Time Seekers! My favorite part is when Alexandra discovers there is a mural in her room that allows her to enter a secret world with a key. I also love Taco because he is so funny and he has his own character! My favorite part in The Fantastic Tails of Sammy and Mr. Chips is when they meet Rockwell and go to Katnip & Bonz. I like that part because to enter, they have to wear black bowties!​

Great book! Bought this for my grandchildren, but found that I loved it too! The Grand Tour was so beautifully written that we are certain the author, D A Squires, has found a way to communicate with all of God's creatures. . .well, maybe not ALL. . .but the ones featured in this book are truly worth getting to know.

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